Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ambassador Cinema in Dublin.

The thing about us having this Gilmore-Girls relationship is that I barely can keep any secrets from her. So I told her about Dublin and Glee Live! And I thought she would freak out or something (which was the reason I didn’t tell her) but she was just like:

“Well I would have done the same If I had the chance to. I’ll give you some money for your trip and I’ll tell your father next week casually. Oh and btw thanks for being so honest with me. Since you finished your exams you’re more vivid and happier.”


“Future need a big kiss”

Street performer near Trinity College.

there’s this trend amongst a certain subset of young irish females (sometimes known collectively as knackers) of wearing colourful pyjama bottoms out and about. now don’t get me wrong, i’ll sometimes nip out to the shop to buy some milk in a pair of joggers, but if i were to actually go and meet my friends for the day, i don’t think i’d choose to sport bright pink checkered PJs:

i’m so curious as to where this trend originated from. is it just laziness? do they just leave the house without getting properly dressed? i certainly hope not. do they actually think they look cool? is it a rebellion against conformity? who knows. i’m always so tempted to stop these girls and actually ask them some serious questions about why they like wearing these kinds of outfits. but, you see, for those not living in ireland, you need to know that the kind of girls that dress like this are usually also very loud, very obnoxious, and quite likely to punch inquisitive strangers in the face. hence why i shan’t be asking them anything.

i’m not sure either what the deal is with the girl in the middle; tan wide-leg trousers, a pink blazer and red hi-tops is certainly an interesting combination. if anything, i give her 10/10 for originality.

Dublin 128-HDR (by Clem Mason)

We kick daddy out and have a mommy baby snuggle and snooze. Its what we do best.

Another night out in Dublin, unfortunately someone took my jacket home with them…. :-/

Not Banksy, an old shop front in Dublin.

The Ambassador Cinema in Dublin.

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