Friday, June 17, 2011

Dublin to CORK!

This was taken while Dave and I were walking to Gav’s birthday dinner. It seems as though I’ve just been wandering around the Dublin coast for the past two weeks doesn’t it?

I have. 

Flying into Dublin!

This weekend I went to Dublin with Ciara and it was amazing. 

Dublin is one of the nicest places I’ve ever been, it’s like the same size as Chelmsford but it’s a capital city, it’s mental but brilliant. Everyone is so friendly too! Everyone had said that Dublin has the friendliest people and they’re so right. We got on the bus from the airport to the city centre and the bus driver was the loveliest person I have ever met in my life and bus drivers are usually so miserable! 

The Hotel was lovely too and we spent quite a lot of time in it because it was that good! We got addicted to Celebrity Salon and ate waaaayy too much rubbish but it was so much fun! 

The only downside is that I was supposed to meeting up with Shane but he got in a mood because I said he couldn’t stay with us and then he said he couldn’t get two buses in a day so he didn’t come. I wasn’t that bothered about meeting up with him but I was dissapointed that he wasn’t coming. I just started to think that there’s no point in us texting all the time. We just text about the same things and I don’t know hardly anything about him. It’s ridiculous and it does make me upset but it also makes me angry. So I texted him while I was in Dublin and basically said there is no point us talking anymore and we had an arguement about it but I’m contemplating deleting his number. 

BUT apart from Shane who is ridiculous, I had the best weekend and I will be going back to Dublin in the near future. 

I’m going to spam you with pictures now.

Johnny Fox’s Pub by where to willie on Flickr.

Turns out she’s actually wise.

I’m going to Dublin. I’ve made it very clear to them that I’m on a super strict budget and cannot be doing fancy things like spa days & cocktail making classes. I’m now on the lookout for things to do for free in Dublin!

Suggestions anyone?

Also, my sister never uses her telly as the DVD player bit is broken, so she’s given it to me until I can afford a nice new one. I really do love her to bits.

Rachael and I went to Dublin yesterday to try and get into Frighten the Horses, but failed at getting tickets in the afternoon, so we missed the first few acts. We hung around Dubs for awhile, and ate dinner (delicious, delicious nachos!) in a Czech restaurant/pub. We ended up grabbing a drink at Pantibar, which is a pretty well known gay bar in the area (mostly men). We headed back to the venue (Block T) to see if we could get into the show late, but knew we were going to head to the after-party, regardless. Again, no luck, but they told us to come back around 10:45. We headed to Dice Bar for another pint, and listened to an awesome DJ spin for a bit. I really liked the vibe of this place - it was leaning a little bit toward high heels and over-done makeup, but was hanging on to its rock roots by the shirttails - one of the bar tenders was an awesomely tat’ed up 6’6” bearded installation in the place, who added a taste of hardcore to the air of the place.

Heading back to Block T, we ended up getting in just in time to see MEN, who were totally awesome. Dancing, fun - an awesome band, and really fun music. The crowd was kickin’, and it was just “good vibrations”, as my last host, Dee, would say. 

We left there and ended up at the after-party at Mother We are One over in Temple Bar. Unfortunately, on our way there we were rejected from three (3!) separate pubs (we needed to use the facilities) absolutely, purely based on how we looked. It sucked, and it ripped my heart out. That’s the first time that’s happened to me, but I don’t think it was for Rachael - and I know plenty of other people who’ve been rejected from places. If we’d been showing skin and wearing heals instead of hiking boots, I have no question that we would have be allowed in…fucking security guards. 

Luckily, the after-party was awesome, and turned around that experience. Good people, good dancing, good fun. DJ JD Samson from MEN (and from Le Tigre) spun, and she was totally awesome. Deadly, I should say in Irish fashion. I met a few really cool people - great craic. 

Exhausted by the end of the night, the sun was coming up as we walked back to the hostel (4 AM, anyone?). We picked up some kebab and chips on the way, and chowed down before heading to bed. The falafel was deadly, and a good end to the night. 

I headed to Cork this morning, and am sitting in the Bru Bar hostel, about to head to get some chow. Off to Baltimore, and finally to Sherkin Island to my next host tomorrow. Lots of travel, hopefully followed by a bit of quiet isolation on a tiny, beautiful island. Looking forward to quiet and reflection. 

I leave you with some Le Tigre, for your viewing pleasure: 

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