Thursday, June 16, 2011

this isn’t my video, but it’s so perfect! I loved...

and I met a lovely Norwegian guy. Oh it’s a mad story I tell ya!

So woke up at 7am, trying to get the Train to Oslo Airport, the train was leaving at 0825. So got to my station and was gonna buy a ticket, and I realised that the ticket machine only took coins. So i asked this boy if I could pay on the train and he was yes, so I went down the escalators to take the train (and mind you they were the slowest things) and by the time I got to the platform the train person had basically just called the last people in and wouldn’t let me get on. I was gonna cry but the  ’Flytoget’ train was yet to come, so I asked a man if I could pay in the train and he said no, so I had to go ALL the way up those slow ass escalators to get a new ticket, which was going to cost KR170, and I only had 130 in my wallet and Euros. So I walked up to this guy who was queueing to get a ticket himself and offered to give him EUR10, in exchange for KR50 (it’s KR7 to E1) and he kindly said yes, and then noticed he didn’t have a 50 so offered to give me a 200 and I give him my kr.130 and E10. So I did. and he stood there and waited till I got my ticket and we were politely chatting all the way down the escalators. and got to the train in the nick of time. and as disorganised as I am, my bags were EVERYWHERE and he was like “can I help you?” and I was “oh no, you’re grand! thanks though” but he refused and insisted, so ya ya ya got on the train….got to the airport. He dragged my bag all the way till I was at my check in area and then shook my hand and said goodbye as he was off to some place in Norway. I fell in love with Andreas, at the airport. Guess Irish luck isn’t always with one when they are abroad. hahaha.

But I’m in Dub now, happy to be home. regardless of the fact I am starving right no and only own rice and Uncle Ben’s Schezuan Chili sauce. and I got a fantastic Irish welcome home by getting rained on, and got home to find out my key wasn’t walking so I had to sit in the hallway till someone could fix it. 

Story of my life! I think I deserve an alcoholic beverage for that :)

and I met a lovely Norwegian guy. Oh it’s a mad story I tell ya!

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