Thursday, June 16, 2011


You know I wrote the statement above and it came up as having been written before…not good people! NOT GOOD! I will try harder to get more stuff up here, but sometimes I’m just to busy, most of the time babysitting my other blog for my radioshow on RTE 2xm!

‘What’s that Louise, a radio show you say?’

That’s exactly what I said! Well I suppose it’s actually not really BRAND NEW INFORMATION or anything but I haven’t shared the info on here before so I may as well get you all…ALL of you manymanymany followers in the loop.

The show is called Alternative Entertainment - Bit of an event listings come art and culture come music show that I present and produce along with my good friend Caoimhseach Connolly and it’s on RTE Digital 2XM every bleedin’ Thursday evening at 6pm and Friday morning at 11am.

You listen online at this here link and let’s face it since we all use our computers for the most remedial of tasks these days (Yet it still can’t make me food - Sort it out Mac!) there’s no excuse not to be listening.

Oh and we have a blog where we list the event info, photos,songs, mixes, playlists blah blah blah its - ITS EVEN A TUMBLR. I make your life so easy!

So gwan, give us a follow and sure live a little and give us a listen too.

You’ll get to here stuff like this:

Aeroplane - We Can’t Fly - That’s coming from a biased point of view considering I’m listening to the Aeroplane album right now…. *makes entire playlist for Sundays show Aeroplane songs* - But we play lots of cool music, and lots of homegrown bands too so if you have a band and you think you’re all that and a box o’ pringles send us in something, or if you’ve a gig you want us to talk about, tell us! And of course the same goes for events as we promote events all over the country, so if you’ve got an event you’d like to send us some info on do go ahead and send it all on into us - altentertainment2xm@gmail is the email addy so GET TO IT. Ok I’ve rambled enough and Tumblr has already crashed on me twice trying to write this post so I’ll cut my losses and get it out there! Slaters!

Everyone is Invited.
A selection of my illustration work will be included at the first official exhibition of the Little Green Street Gallery in this new space, located just on the corner of Little Britain Street and Little Green Street in Dublin. The launch night for the gallery itself and the exhibition will be held on the 23rd of June. The show is titled “Illustrate My World” it will be featuring a collection of fine art, graphic design, comics, and illustration from a group of emerging artists who are a mix of college students, semi professionals, and free lance artists (myself included).

amanda levete, spencer dock bridge, dublin 


dublin docklands old and new (by silyld)

Dublins fair city :)

South Anne Street, Dublin

Tutankhamun - His Tomb and His Treasures:

Going to see this exhibition with John next Thursday. Can’t wait :)

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